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By Helen Prince



Helen Prince

11 plus prep

A love of language and mastery of language is a huge determinant in empowering and bolstering future success, not only in the 11 plus examination but indeed in life itself. 

Of course, some children may pass their 11 + (11 plus)  without coaching. However, most children, as with any examination, need to prepare, study and revise to make the most of their exam day. 11 plus preparation  support can come from specialised tutors, or properly supported parents. 11 plus prep does not form part of the national curriculum, so it is not likely that your child will receive any direct support in school.



 These 11 plus prep pages are designed by the team at ChatterStars to support parents intending to home tutor their child towards their 11 + (11 plus). Most of the 11 plus home tutor resources mentioned in this article can be found on our 11 plus resource page. If you’d like to know more about Team Chatters, you can meet us live on our free language-focused monthly tutorials, or on our about us page.  

Language-based skills feature highly within the 11 plus examination. Particularly an understanding of synonyms, antonyms, prefixes, and word gradients. Having an understanding of what is required in the exam itself, and having practiced over a period of time, are fundamental to making the most of examination day. 



To support parents, the team here at Chatters, have created a range of supportive resources to help plan your child’s 11 plus timeline, assess their current level & gain a thorough understanding of the 11 plus vocabulary requirements. We also offer a subscription-based app, the ChatterStars 11 Plus vocabulary app, to further cement vocab knowledge and provide exam practice questions. As well as for practice, the app is also a useful aid for assessing your child’s level and highlighting areas to work on. 


The team at Chatters provides live tutorials (Webinars), completely free of charge, as well as offering encouragement to read, read, and read some more! Young people that read books, poems and articles automatically advance their skills and naturally develop a love of language. 

Grammar schools will no doubt always evoke a mixture of opinions. Often those opinions suggest that grammar schools offer advantages to those children that secure grammar school places. No doubt the debate will go on. Yet it is clear that if your child is showing promise, and is keen to apply for a grammar school place you may wish to support your child towards early preparations for the 11 + or grammar school entrance examinations. 

Irrespective of whether your child passes the examination or not, the process can build upon and support skills required to face future examination challenges. A love of language and mastery of language is a huge determinant in empowering and bolstering future success. 

Planning for 11 plus success

Your 11 + checklist

ChatterStars 11+ vocabulary app can support you to boost your child’s vocabulary – the best predictor of future success