ChatterStars is perfect for KS2 SATs or 11+ exams and all children aged 7-16, providing improved expression, comprehension and writing, across all curriculum areas.

ChatterStars is free to use, with options to upgrade. The free version contains a limited amount of advertising in order to support running costs. For access to unlimited daily puzzles and the removal of advertising, you have the option to upgrade.

Parent and tutor accounts cost:

  • £1.99 a month/£19.99 a year for a single child
  • £2.99 a month/ £29.99 a year for up to 5 children.

If you are a school, we have a structured pricing scheme depending on the number of students you are catering for.

Please visit our dedicated schools section and contact us for a quote or sign up for a free account to try us out for free and upgrade later.

ChatterStars unique ‘vocabulary-age’ enables schools and parents to track progress, with questions carefully matched to your child’s needs.

Our innovative question styles link to vocabulary development stages and are aligned to the national curriculum, providing schools and parents with a go-to resource to secure rapid progress.

We have a completely free 7 day trial, where you will receive unlimited access to our puzzles! Once you have signed your child up to ChatterStars, you will receive regular updates and progress data for your child.

There is no commitment to continue using ChatterStars once your trial has ended. To get started, please contact us to set up your 14 day FREE trial.

Research suggests that the best way to retain vocabulary is with a ‘little and often’ approach so we recommend spending about 10 to 15 mins a day on ChatterStars. The reward area is also designed to build vocabulary through exposure to noun choice and will further enhance your child’s vocabulary range.

We recommend spending around 60-90 mins a week. To help monitor your child’s progress and usage of the app, look out for your weekly progress email which includes your child’s streak, gem count and stars earned. The streak will tell you how many consecutive days your child has puzzled, the gem count tells you the number of puzzles taken and the stars earned tell you how many correct answers were achieved.

The ChatterStars primary app is designed to support your child throughout primary school. The eight question styles are aligned to the British National Curriculum and vocabulary development stages and will best support your child from year 2. Puzzles will build the vocabulary needed for SAT’s and beyond, providing you with a go-to resource to track your child’s progress, boost vocabulary and build a powerful voice.

The ChatterStars 11+ app will build a confident command of the English language, focusing specifically on the vocabulary needed for 11+ success. With a weekly progress report and vocabulary age score, ChatterStars will help you keep your child on track, building both confidence and mastery of expression. Designed by leading English experts,11+ tutors and grammar school teachers, our puzzles emulate many of the questions typically found in the 11+ examinations to ensure your child is 11+ ready.

Absolutely! ChatterStars puzzles are fun and engaging for anyone keen to improve their spoken and written expression. Just ensure you have a username and password for each user to ensure you can track progress and earn rewards.

Each puzzle type targets mastery of expression and familiarisation with the exact vocabulary needed for 11+ success. Designed by leading English experts, 11+ tutors and grammar school teachers, our puzzles emulate many of the questions typically found in the 11+ examinations, such as odd one out, connections, anagrams and cloze procedure. ChatterStars also provides you with a weekly progress report and vocabulary age score, helping you keep your child on track for 11+ success.

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