ChatterStars 11 plus Word Lists

free 11 + Vocab lists for Years 4 & 5

ChatterStars 11 plus monthly word lists. Created by 11 + specialised teaching staff to provide balanced and achievable 11 + learning for your child.  New list on the 1st of every month. 

How to use the 11 plus word lists

These word lists will give you an easy to follow – month by month – progressive plan through 11+ vocabulary, providing a helping hand each and every month! Taking you from September of Year 4 to the start of Year 6, our word lists release on the first of the month, every month!

 Play games with all these words in our app, helping your child understand, expand and retain new vocabulary through fun, dynamic puzzles.

Here are a few ways you might choose to use the lists:

1. Define It

a. Highlight in green the words that you are sure of the meaning

b. Check in a dictionary then write in the definition of these green words

c. Highlight the remaining words in yellow – these are the words you are less sure


d. Find definitions for these yellow words and write them in

e. Revise the yellow words and colour them green when you feel sure of the meaning

 2. Picture It:

Draw or find an image that suggests the meaning of the word, then stick next tothe word to personify each meaning

3. Story It:

Our brains privilege story; use each vocab list to create a story, letter, song or poem!

4. Quiz It

a. Quiz yourself or your friends and family on the word definitions

b. Create a quiz just for the nouns or the adjectives or the verbs

c. Find examples of the academic words being used in the news

Click on images to download

Scroll down to select your free download. New word lists are published monthly all the way up to exam day. 

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Planning for 11 plus success

ChatterStars 11+ vocabulary app is designed to boost your child’s vocabulary – the best predictor of future success

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